What is a company website domain?

Your website domain is your web page url. It is same as your business SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) where you have to  Find an unique name. You are the only one who own it.  Pay for yearly renewal fee to secure it. Renewal fee are based on your domain extensions (.com - rm65, -  rm80, .my - rm120, .net, .info, .me and etc) Example of a domain -  Once you own a domain name, you need to get a hosting for it (by pointing DNS) and get a professional web designer to build the web pages for your business  

SEO Services Malaysia

SEO Services Malaysia to help small businesses to rank their website over search engine. This seo optimization technique will drive more traffics to a website, therefore generating more leads and revenue. It takes both onsite and offsite optimization.

Freelance Website Developer in KL

Freelance Web Developer VS Agency- Pros and Cons As you are starting on your own project, and having lots of ideas coming and leaving the mind, a prominent confusion you would stumble on is whether to hire freelancers for your site’s web design or to go to some company or agency. This is actually one such question which many site owners think of initially as they start building the site. Hence here are some arguments on both to help you come to a conclusion as you weight it all. Cost effectiveness This is one big reason that you would like to choose the Freelancers. The Pros of the freelancers is that they would always give you work at a much lower rate than agencies. An agency on the other hand would not have a choice, as they have to bear the cost of running an agency, and giving salary to staffs, and hence they run on packages which are not much negotiable. A freelancer may always lower the rates for you, and you can always negotiate rates and services. Experience and Exp